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The official Press Room of the United States. Check here, for all official announcements from your government.

White House Press Release - Oct. 14

23 1,059 jour, 20:54 Published in USA USA

”Eugene Harlot once went to France on vacation for two weeks. The French baby boom occurred 9 months later.”

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- Talk with people on IRC, so … en savoir plus »

White House Press Release - Oct. 10

34 1,055 jour, 19:21 Published in USA USA

“Eugene Harlot has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.”


We’re currently in the process of reviving some official … en savoir plus »

White House Press Release - Oct. 8

19 1,053 jour, 13:30 Published in USA USA

“Eugene Harlot once used a hospital, just to see what would happen. The servers were down for three days due to an inability to calculate his wellness.”

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WHPR [Day 1,051] - Thanks for all the Fish

16 1,051 jour, 18:54 Published in USA USA


America, have you noticed something? Is it the lack of a complete screw up for the past two months? The excellence in everything government? The piles of money flooding into your coffers?

There is one man to thank … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,048] - Lionking

20 1,048 jour, 18:23 Published in USA USA

Lionking, again.

Honestly, I really should just write one of these with fill in the blanks. Hey America, (America/China/North Corea) is attacking Lionking. The battle ends during (American/European/Chinese) primetime. Be there. Etc. etc.

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