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The official Press Room of the United States. Check here, for all official announcements from your government.

WHPR [Day 1,009] - Congress Elections

14 1,009 jour, 19:09 États-Unis

Congress Elections:


Don't forget to vote today.

Don't hate me,


Secretary of Media … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,008] - Travel, Domestic, IRC, and War Games

8 1,008 jour, 19:17 Pologne

Where are we?

I’m so glad you asked. We’re in the lovely city of Warsaw. I decided to travel here today to thank the Polish people for their help in the Russian invasion. They did a great job. They fought with us and it was pretty … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,007] - Congress, Invasion, and New Fortress

14 1,007 jour, 19:38 États-Unis

Red D…usk?

I’ve been informed that the invasion of Russia has been concluded. I was bawled up in a corner for a few hours after hearing this news, crying my eyes out. However, then I realized that I’ve had a blast. That’s really the only … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,006] - Rainbows and the Future

28 1,006 jour, 19:27 États-Unis

Today Sucks

Honestly. I’m not writing another “We rock so hard. Victory. lol” article. I don’t understand. Is there another type of White House Press Release? Oh well, apparently I have to do one anyway.

Russian Invasion

We … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,005] - We Did It, America

46 1,005 jour, 20:44 États-Unis

We own Russia

This is the most exciting moment I've had in eRepublik. Without a doubt. We just participated in the biggest battle of V2, by far. I can just say that, without even checking the stats. I sat in #defense with all my fellow … en savoir plus »