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The official Press Room of the United States. Check here, for all official announcements from your government.

WHPR #154: Inactivity is Death.

73 1,033 jour, 17:09 États-Unis

Official White House Press Release #154:
~ 18 September 2010, Day 1,033 of the New World

Citizens of Amerika,

Would you like some [url=en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,031] - Yay! We Did It!

15 1,031 jour, 16:42 États-Unis

Opps, They Did It Again

Yesterday was a very critical day for the United States. The Top 6 parties were under a political take over (PTO) … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,030] - ATO, TW, Jobs, and a Goodbye

30 1,030 jour, 19:36 États-Unis

Fight the Right-wing Liberal Agenda

Today is the party presidential election day. One if my least favorite days of the month, simply because of the suckieness of the day and the fact that it’s almost always about ATO, rather than who you … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,028] - Get Involved, Ambassador Program, and DoI Updates

21 1,028 jour, 18:31 États-Unis

Break out of that Cocoon!

Dang it! Why won't you evolve? Break out of that shell. I should have choose that Ivysaur.

Ever since … en savoir plus »

WHPR [Day 1,027] - Western Alaska, Meals on Wheels, and Jobs

16 1,027 jour, 19:08 États-Unis

Rebel Scum

The Rebel Alliance refuses to stand down. There are rumors from our Bothan spies that the rebel scum may attempt a rebellion in the territory of Western Alaska (formerly known as Far Eastern Russia). It is imperative that the … en savoir plus »