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In the memory of the best Greek music band


[eCyprus]On the way to Dubai

68 2,411 jour, 07:36 Chypre Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

eCypriots on their way to the battefield in Middle East against Hungary

While they met an unexpected friend from the past

[img]http://i.[/img] … en savoir plus »


30 2,405 jour, 11:31 Chypre Consignes de combat Consignes de combat

Panpas, liselis, friends & allies

Today eSwitzerland gives a huge effort to get congress.

We know exactly how it feels like to fight against superpowers for your congress

Our war with

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15 2,394 jour, 14:41 Chypre Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

The truth about xMikiGOATx article :)

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[UCP] Proposal to eCypriots and government

28 2,377 jour, 17:17 Chypre Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

Dear eCypriots, oc depici...

It's been ages since the last Minister of Economy in Cyprus really "produced" some cash to eCy.

We have a specific amount of money hidden and we will blow it at once when emergency comes while next govs will have

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[Cyprus news] Trico exposed !

20 2,364 jour, 15:29 Chypre Interactions sociales et divertissement Interactions sociales et divertissement

Hello erepublikans

The absense of my friend Trico was more than obvious during the many fonts Chile had to face today in the battlefields.

Asterians tried to tease and joke

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