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Wowee zooey these are some sweet PP candidates!

15 873 jour, 20:52 Published in USA USA

The Federalist Party President race is heating up. Greene12 currently leads the primaries with MourningStar and eliwood_sain not far behind.

About this time last month, I announced I was running for PP and stated my goal for the term was to find

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Congrats Woxan! (we need to talk)

22 868 jour, 12:46 Published in USA USA

There are 2 items that came across my desk this morning that my party needs to talk about.

Your article - [url= savoir plus »

Eye candy for the rest of us

20 867 jour, 23:27 Published in USA USA

While Zooey remains THE OFFICIAL FED SPOKESLADY, I am pleased to announce a new addition to the Fed public relations arsenal- ClammyJim, Federalist business model.


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Goodbye Florida... we will miss you

15 867 jour, 13:53 Published in USA USA


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Dear PiginZen Administration

12 867 jour, 12:26 Published in USA USA

BCC: Woxan, Newton, Colin Lantrip

THANK YOU! It was really great working with you guys. Sorry I had to bail out early for Congress (blame HR).

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