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[Sneak Peak] Erep Beta Map!!!

13 Día 1,893, 11:14 Published in Canada Canada Entretenimiento e interacción social Entretenimiento e interacción social

So I have been granted access to test out the new Erep map that is currently in beta. You should be able to see the map in a few weeks (unless you already have access now).

Currently it is working quite well.


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Gold Prices Collapsing!!!

20 Día 1,888, 15:41 Published in Canada Canada Negocios y finanzas Negocios y finanzas

***Check for updates for this developing story***

Gold is seriously collapsing, no one on the markets is buying. Big orgs sell offers haven't been taking the slightest dent.

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[NEW] Erepublik Jobs

9 Día 1,881, 19:59 Published in Canada Canada Negocios y finanzas Negocios y finanzas

Have you ever paid the high prices that the Voters Club charges?

Do you wish there was some way to cut out the middlemanleer más »

Debate ecanada Alliances

11 Día 1,874, 18:50 Published in Canada Canada Debates y análisis político Debates y análisis político

So, time for a comment debate.

We're having an important referendum so its even more important to get people to agree with you. And you really want to make the right choice because this decision will impact our future.

In my head we have two

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Battle Orders Day 1872 [Unofficial]

7 Día 1,872, 06:18 Published in Canada Canada Órdenes de batalla Órdenes de batalla

Introducing the unofficial Canadian Battle Orders.

It includes only MPP battles.


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