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[Urgent] eIsrael's newest plot!

15 Día 2,318, 08:24 Chipre Análisis de la guerra Análisis de la guerra

Panpas, anans, liselis, donkeys and xam xam,

The congressmen election results where announced before two hours and unfortunately we have also the answer for the lack of fight from our eIsraeli neighbours, [url=

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Presidential elections

13 Día 2,294, 14:51 Chipre Debates y análisis político Debates y análisis político

As UCP president I decided to support Festoz for reyizenci. He is the only candidate who approached me and he is an old owl and panpa whom I feel I can trust.

Divided we fall,

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A small analysis on the situation in eGreece

21 Día 2,275, 09:34 Chipre Entretenimiento e interacción social Entretenimiento e interacción social

I do not have much to say...

Always have fun, I sure did when I heard the new alliance name...

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[CP elections] Vote for kaniballos

7 Día 2,267, 07:36 Chipre Debates y análisis político Debates y análisis político

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[Government] Work Tax return

11 Día 2,202, 08:02 Chipre Negocios y finanzas Negocios y finanzas

As you have seen the last 6-8 days the average work tax has been raising.


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