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SKD Adventure!

14 7 days ago Romania Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Where did I hear about it....where did I hear...

That was all I could think when I was making my way throughout the North Korean Forrest last night.

I left after sunset, [url=http:// … read more »

Kelstein’s Baby Steps: Daily Order Mechanics

16 Day 2,434, 03:19 Romania First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Pentru varianta in romana

Every other day someone in … read more »

Kelstein's Baby Steps: Ordinul Zilei

21 Day 2,434, 02:17 Romania First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

For English version

Tot la 2 zile in MU Soimii … read more »

Nu te panica - 42 e raspunsul!

19 Day 2,432, 03:46 Romania Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

In ultima luna lucruri stranii s-au intamplat pe coridoarele RTP, RoTeaParty, Romanian Tea Party, Romanian Tree Party, Romanian 42 Tea Party 42 Party...totul a culminat cu alegerile de PP de … read more »

Kelstein's MU Competition

88 Day 2,415, 06:29 Romania Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

A fost din nou acea perioada...concursul intre MU-uri

De data asta nu scriu in calitate de comandant SP..nici macar capitan nu mai sunt (Huoo VampireA) scriu in calitate de membru SP si al … read more »