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FiLZ iN REiNFORM!1eins

Merry X-mASS

1 Day 2,591, 09:18 Published in Canada Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

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Thank You Phoenix

42 Day 794, 01:11 Published in Germany Germany

Dear All,
without much further ado:

Thank You Phoenix!

Best wishes

Everyone in Germany join the [url=http://www.erepublik. … read more »

Gobba the evil selfish Minister

27 Day 728, 10:53 Published in Germany Germany

Hello friends and foes,
This article is due to recent events and current allegations from jealous politicians in Germany.

As founder and head of the E Finance Org I would … read more »

Update on Gobbas Tools and others using the Official API

33 Day 704, 07:57 Published in Germany Germany

Hello to all citizens of eRepublik,
as a result of the many, many pms I've been receiving over the past two-three weeks, I've decided to write a brief article addressing the … read more »

Thank You Germany

30 Day 656, 02:46 Published in Germany Germany

Dear Germans and friends of Germany,
after 3 month of being the president of eGermany I now step aside and hand over the reins to a very capable successor.
A lot has happened in … read more »