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White House Press Release #120: External Media

12 Day 985, 19:41 USA

Secretary's note: This are extraordinary times, and thus we have a break from the ordinary press release. If you read only a piece of it, read the last three paragraphs. Thanks for bearing with me!

I don’t claim to be a marketing expert. I’ … read more »

White House Press Release #119: Move to Florida Immediately

30 Day 976, 18:44 USA

There’s no easy way to say it, California has been lost and our country is under further attack. We need to fall back to the safety of Florida. The government is asking all living citizens to [url=

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White House Press Release #118: Emergency: Defend Croatia

77 Day 975, 16:06 USA

Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. I’m sure you have seen California is under attack. The Russians have been invading us since the war module was released, and now they’re attacking us where it hurts. California, a hub for our business and our

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White House Press Release #117: A guide to the new modules and more!

26 Day 969, 21:23 USA

A Guide to the New Modules

Are you still wondering what the deal is with these new modules? Our own Secretary of the Interior, Serendipitous has written [url= more »

White House Press Release #116: North Korea and government jobs!

24 Day 964, 19:32 USA

This is the second White House Press Release of the Bradley Reala administration. Shout it out, as the !! box is currently broken.

North Korea

Well done, America. We’ve saved a

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