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WHPR [Day 1,023] - The Virtues of Service

29 Day 1,023, 17:29 Published in USA USA

Since the release of eRepublik Rising not too long ago, all of the modules in this game have been revamped, for the better or worse (that's up to your own interpretation). One of the most interesting reforms I have seen was the new military module.

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WHPR [Day 1,022] - Western Alaska and Government

18 Day 1,022, 19:27 Published in USA USA

West Alaska

We need people to be moving to West Alaska to reinforce it. The more people there, the more gold Russia has to spend to open the battle. Pretty simple. If you would like a ticket, request it [url= … read more »

WHPR [Day 1,021] - Slavonia, Elections, and Leadership

28 Day 1,021, 19:57 Published in USA USA


Finally, Croatia is whole. Croatia's most valuable region was returned in a landslide battle and I have to say I'm thrilled. Croatia is one of our staunchest allies, seeing them whole is as refreshing as a nice Dr. Pepper.

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WHPR [Day 1,020] - Do Your Patriotic Duty

12 Day 1,020, 21:58 Published in USA USA

Troll Ostin

Ostin got banned. I demand that we troll him while he cannot respond. He'll rage all the more for it. The fact I wrote it is just a happy coincidence.

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WHPR [Day 1,019] - West Alaska, ATO, and Spain

14 Day 1,019, 22:26 Published in USA USA

West Alaska

As we all know, America is now is possession of FER. West Alaska is now ours, yet again. We need to keep it that way, I’m kind of getting tired of storming the same beach, again and again. To that end, we need you to deploy in … read more »