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WHPR [Day 1,020] - Do Your Patriotic Duty

12 Day 1,020, 21:58 USA

Troll Ostin

Ostin got banned. I demand that we troll him while he cannot respond. He'll rage all the more for it. The fact I wrote it is just a happy coincidence.

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WHPR [Day 1,019] - West Alaska, ATO, and Spain

14 Day 1,019, 22:26 USA

West Alaska

As we all know, America is now is possession of FER. West Alaska is now ours, yet again. We need to keep it that way, I’m kind of getting tired of storming the same beach, again and again. To that end, we need you to deploy in … read more »

Deploy In Far Western Alaska (aka FER)

25 Day 1,018, 07:33 USA

Greetings victorious Americans! Thanks to a massive push by EDEN forces during European prime time we were able to secure 90% of the battlefield which held throughout the night despite all of the glitches. The American Military deserves a massive

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WHPR [Day 1,016] - Far Eastern Russia and Bonds

9 Day 1,016, 19:39 USA


Hey, this is going to be short. I hope that's alright with you America. Important stuff is going on. You need to be a part of it. The thing you need to be a part of is the liberation of Far Western Alaska.

Fight [url= … read more »

WHPR [Day 1,015] - Eastern Siberia (Again), Congress, and State Department

17 Day 1,015, 19:42 USA

Eastern Siberia

Seriously, I have to write about this like every day. It's kind of getting annoying. I can get over the annoyance when we win though. Congratulations to China for pulling off the win. Honestly, China has rocked in V2. I … read more »