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White House Press Release #105: Press Corps

17 Day 911, 18:40 USA

Good evening,

This is a crazy day. We have finally been allowed to declare war on Serbia. Let me be the first to’s on. There’s no telling exactly what will happen tonight, but keep up with DoD orders. There is no doubt that something

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White House Press Release #104: Cleaning House

30 Day 908, 21:31 USA

The press release today is brief but important.

The administration would again like to congratulate you for your performance yesterday. We managed to eliminate the potential security threat. However, now we need to do some cleaning house. The

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White House Press Release #103: Common Ground

17 Day 908, 02:07 USA

Well, yesterday was quite a day. Many American political parties worked together towards a common goal: To get an

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White House Press Release #102: The White House Press Corps

21 Day 906, 00:28 USA

It’s been a busy couple days for everyone, so I’ll keep this brief. First of all, I hope you’ve all been celebrating our [url=

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White House Press Release #101: On to the Next One

29 Day 904, 14:18 USA

Ladies and gentlemen, Serbia has no friends.

We’re taking a break from the usual press release formatting to get some information

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