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White House Press Release #117: A guide to the new modules and more!

26 Day 969, 21:23 Published in USA USA

A Guide to the New Modules

Are you still wondering what the deal is with these new modules? Our own Secretary of the Interior, Serendipitous has written [url= more »

White House Press Release #116: North Korea and government jobs!

24 Day 964, 19:32 Published in USA USA

This is the second White House Press Release of the Bradley Reala administration. Shout it out, as the !! box is currently broken.

North Korea

Well done, America. We’ve saved a

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White House Press Release #115: New Administration, New Modules

22 Day 960, 07:17 Published in USA USA

Today, the new military and economic modules have gone into effect. Your skills have migrated and you’re ready to take your first steps in the new world. Get a job secured and make sure you understand these new modules.

Have questions? Hop over

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White House Press Release #114: Lion King!!

32 Day 940, 12:37 Published in USA USA

Ha! Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are attacking Lion King once again. The difference is that this time we will win, with your help. Every American is asked to put in seven fights today at least, with read more »

White House Press Release #113: Epic Battle in Liaoning

18 Day 938, 23:12 Published in USA USA

Americans, China has launched a battle that requires our special attention. All citizens are asked to move in to Beijing and fight against Serbia in order to capture Liaoning back to it’s original owners. The importance of the battle is read more »