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The official Press Room of the United States. Check here, for all official announcements from your government.

White House Press Release #111: We were under attack, and freed Israel.

16 Day 936, 16:48 USA

It has been a slow week, apart from the attack coming from Russia’s legendary president. Besides desperately trying to invent topics to write about to keep you informed, the government is doing endless amounts of work to keep America secured and our

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White House Press Release #110: V2 Bonds!

17 Day 931, 20:23 USA

The news from the White House today is here, and it’s important. If you finish it hungry for more, and want some good articles to read, check out the Pony Express.


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White House Press Release #109: President McSkittles

15 Day 929, 04:29 USA

Our New President

The White House is happy to announce that the President Chocolate McSkittles has officially taken office. The new President Choc has wasted no time, hitting the ground running by [url= more »

White House Press Release #108: America's Allies Need You!

15 Day 925, 22:22 USA

Secretary’s note: It’s been a while since the last White House Press Release. I sincerely apologize for the lack of communication. I take full responsibility. The RL situation I've been facing has been resolved, so expect regular updates to read more »

White House Press Release #107: Liaoning!

16 Day 917, 02:49 USA

Secretary’s note: My apologies for the recent lack of press releases. I've been dealing with an IRL situation where I found myself uprooted, without a place to live earlier than I expected. It will be fully resolved on Thursday, at which time the read more »