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[Weekstrom]EPIC Warfare statistics

18 Day 2,538, 13:13 Published in Netherlands Netherlands First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

A bit late due to RL issues but as I gathered the information already and consider it a waste if I would do nothing with it I’m publishing it now. I limited the article a bit due to the publication already done by Djirtsdew [url=http://www.erepublik.

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[Weekstrom] on x/s

15 Day 2,208, 16:42 Published in Netherlands Netherlands First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

As you all (hopefully) know Walhallah has written some excellent analyses about x/s and the need to stay as low level as possible and train as much as you can.

There was however a factor of large influence that he didn't take into account if I

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[Weekstrom]Congress elections nov 13

6 Day 2,197, 07:05 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Due to RL issues later than planned, but here you go; Some thoughts on our current congressional politics.
As you are no doubt aware it’s time for our congress elections following very active days upfront in which most of the parties were very busy

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Determination Bonus. A bit further.

8 Day 2,192, 08:27 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

We recently had the Determination Bonus announced. Something I welcome very much so;

Thank you!
First of all thank you Admins for introducing this Determination Bonus. It saves me the time to publish an article in which I explain why this

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Weekstrom on travel ticket challenge

5 Day 2,184, 06:28 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Financial business Financial business

A quick analyses of this week’s weekly challenge shows that the reward this week will actually give you the opportunity to make a profit. There are movement tickets to be gained and although I myself have never used them as it is a reintroduction of

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