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National Shield 2

26 Day 2,309, 10:02 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hey Aussies,

It's time to gather some gold again like last time;) Everyone was pessimistic at the first tournament, but later on it turned out that we filled in our treasury, which we are still living from!!

Q7 weps' prices are already

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United Australia Party

15 Day 2,308, 10:03 Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear Aussies,

A new Party has been born. To be honest I have been almost in every position someone can achieve, I was in congress several time, have been CP twice, so I decided to take over an inactive party like Hugh did and try to get its

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The Interview

10 Day 2,258, 02:29 Australia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I decided to make an interview with myself :)
I don't want to waste more time as it is very precious both for the interviewer and the interviewee :)

-Please Sir introduce yourself.
-Well first of all thanks for the opportunity ;) I

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Australia in Stats no.3

20 Day 2,240, 01:31 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello Aussies!

Another week is over, so here comes the stats:

All fighters with Aus citizenship: 207 (dropped by 3 compared to the week before)

Div4: 80
Div3: 30
Div2: 40
Div1: 57

All damage

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[Prime Minister] Thank you Australia

19 Day 2,235, 06:22 Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

My Dear Aussies,

It is election time again, which means I will resign from the PM position and a new guy will take the place.
Well I had more than 40 days as the CP of eAustralia, lots of things happened some were good, some weren't. eAus got

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