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The Official Voice of eHungary.
You may contact us at #hu.mofa on Rizon.
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Agreement between eBrazil, eHungary and eSouth-Africa

17 Day 1,013, 16:54 Published in Hungary Hungary

Agreement between eBrazil, eHungary and eSouth-Africa on making stable and mutually acceptable situation in South Africa

1a. The alliance that contains both eBrazil and eHungary, the Phoenix (and its predecessor, the PEACE)

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[Hungary] Official military help to Austria and the Czech Republic

21 Day 1,010, 05:52 Published in Austria Austria

Dear Citizens of Austria,

These days were eventful in the life of your country. First, two days ago our country, Hungary swapped into Burgenland and Lower Austria, to stop Poland destroying the Czech Republic, and gaining some influence in the

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Correction of game bug consequences - Transfer your SKK to Slovakian Bank today

18 Day 1,007, 12:51 Published in Slovakia Slovakia

Dear Citizens of Slovakia,

a few weeks ago, there was a joint operation between your country, Ukraine and Hungary to take the iron region of Podolia from Romania. The operation was successful, however a considerable part of the Slovakian treasury

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[Galicia] Message from Hungary to Spain

111 Day 995, 10:21 Published in Spain Spain

Dear citizens of eSpain,

as you might have already noticed, the Hungarian flag appeared above the Spanish region of Galicia. Here I have to provide an explanation about this event, however it is expected also in Erepublik Insider in the … read more »

[Hungary] It is time to say 'Thank you'

10 Day 991, 09:08 Published in Slovakia Slovakia

Dear Austria and Slovakia,

Yesterday was a big day of the e-history of Hungary. We have again a high iron region, this is now Podolia, which we conquered from Romania. A victory is glorious, but the way to the victory wasn’t so simple.
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