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Economy or War- Houses are back

13 5 days ago India Financial business Financial business



Well, it seems that admins have tried to experiment with the shitty economy module of this game.
At first you'll think about how the economy module will look like.

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Going to Tibet

10 Day 2,418, 07:32 India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello all,

I woke from my slumber in July 2013 when it was UV Ajed's term, and i'm active from then onwards.
Now i want to rest, so i'm renouncing every title and post, and going to become an e-ascetic.
For this i'm going to Tibet region. I

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Unite for Bulgaria

10 Day 2,415, 03:12 India Battle orders Battle orders

As you people know that Bulgaria is our best friend and a true brother in the game.
They need our help, in their battles now.

They invited friendly players from all over the world when they gained 10/10 bonus, and shared the bonus with them.

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[MoIA]- Important Notice

14 Day 2,403, 00:12 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hey countrymen,

This is the first article on my watch where the activity of the congressmen will be questioned.

MoIA recently conducted a census on pan India scale, but it failed to get the details of the majority of congressmen.


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[MoIA]- eIndia Census final call

23 Day 2,398, 01:30 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

People who has not enrolled themselves in eIndia census are hereby notified that this is the final call for the eIndia Census.
So move your lazy ass and comment on this article that youve not been counted, and you'll be provided the link.


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