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5 Day 1,914, 20:41 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

Hello, many of you already you know my great project of a great Celtic empire, many have criticized me for several motives, but they do not value the tremendous work that I make, sacrificing time and sacrifice for you, Alone I want the better thing

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In search of Allies and the moment indicated to attack

8 Day 1,902, 23:55 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

First I want to be grateful for all children of the brave Celts who me have rested on this great free dream to be Also I they would like to send a message to the cowards who alone have criticized and devalued his own country and race, we do not need

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En busca de Aliados y el momento indicado para atacar (Spanish)

0 Day 1,902, 23:49 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

Primero quiero agradecer a todos lo hijos de los valientes celtas que me han apoyado en este gran sueño de ser libres
También me gustaría enviarles un mensaje a los cobardes que solo han criticado y desvalorizado su propio país y raza , No

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Game Over United Kingdom , you lose

12 Day 1,896, 00:22 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

Brothers, Sisters, sons and daughters of Ireland, Scotland and the mythical Celtic, already great people you have lasted, till when you will wait to claim what is yours and of all of us, I call you to pressing the authorities of his parties in order

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Fin del Juego Reino Unido , tu pierdes (Spanish)

0 Day 1,896, 00:18 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

Hermanos , Hermanas , hijos e hijas de Irlanda , Escocia y el mítico pueblo celta , ya mucho habéis aguantado , hasta cuando esperareis para reclamar lo que es vuestro y de todos nosotros , os llamo a presionar a las autoridades de sus partidos para

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