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Message from one CP

35 4 days ago Spain First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Moar votes. Moar comments. Less players ingame.

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Reunión de Sirius

42 5 days ago Spain Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Después de una tensa reunión en Sirius (Ketoner tiene el log), en la que básicamente akashapeke apuñalaba los planes de España para ayudar a Brasil.

A pesar de ser las tantas de la noche, decidimos reunir a parte del gobierno y un par de … read more »

Message from all CPs

143 5 days ago Spain Battle orders Battle orders

Starting today, most of the Country Presidents have agreed to stop ALL wars, and start a “rebellion” against developers of this game / admins.

For months we have been trying to reason with them and patiently waited for all the implements they

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Nuevo ministro

70 6 days ago Spain Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Por partes

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Economía for advanced

64 7 days ago Spain Financial business Financial business

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