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Import tax V VAT You Decide

9 Day 1,321, 04:29 Australia Financial business Financial business

OK Lately I have been hearing alot of boohooing and nay-saying that our weapons prices are too high and high import taxes are "ripping off" australian consumers. So what i have done for these naysayers is to compile a list of countries selling

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We Got A Good Deal......

13 Day 1,313, 09:24 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

It seems we are at war with eIndonesia constantly. I have thought. Lets make a deal with them and.....what??? we already did that???
OK then Lets propose peace and no NE's then.....what???? We did that also????
Wasnt the deal for us to keep Tas,

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What Is the Average Australian Citizen Today???

14 Day 1,303, 23:57 Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

After the latest screw-up by the government with the lack of information forthcoming, I have taken it upon myself to inform all eAustralian citizens what we really are.


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The Reason Why Countries Lose [Part 2]

13 Day 1,296, 01:39 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

All i can say is
1 hit:

2 hits????

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The Reason Why Countries Lose

25 Day 1,287, 02:33 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Ever wondered why your country loses battles, although you have done more damage??? Ever wonder who "they" really favour??? Well here's the answer. "They" rip you off with influence, plain and simple.

Just a simple question before I elaborate

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