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17 Day 837, 08:30 Ireland



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8 Day 832, 07:47 Ireland

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First of all I would like to say Thank you! to everyone who voted for me in the election, it was nice to receive so many votes! I will … read more »

Meanwhile ...In Northern Ireland..

15 Day 827, 06:51 Ireland

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14 Day 826, 11:10 Ireland

Fight GREEN in Northern Ireland

eIrelands Military future

With V2 around the corner I think its time we made an assessment of how eIreland is … read more »

Dylanb9216 for Cork/Kerry

8 Day 822, 11:29 Ireland

Dylanb9216's Manifesto

About me

I'm roughly 171 Day's old, I have 5 hard-worker medals, 2 super soldier medals and served … read more »