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Battle for Auckland

24 Day 1,230, 23:21 New Zealand

There is a long time that I didn’t write any article.
Two days ago I was a part of a battle between our country and eChile. And I would like to share the experience with you.
I’ll write the article only on English, my Serbian readers will

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Stop accusing each others (or at least do it silently)

25 Day 1,107, 23:01 New Zealand

I'm not writing often. Maybe because I’m playing this game like a soldier, and I don’t want to be journalist, politician or even owner of the company. So, probably you won’t like my style of writing, for sure you will say that I’m crazy or that I

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Tell me why i don't like mondays

5 Day 1,091, 07:30 New Zealand

Warning! This article is spam and it's only for my soul. If anyone will like it, you are free to leave a comment. If not, i simply don't care...


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Elections day

11 Day 1,081, 05:34 New Zealand

And I hate elections!

So, let's play with both candidates:

Everyone who leave following sentence like a comment will receive 2 x

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Let’s clear up the things (action of giving the food)

40 Day 1,072, 22:51 New Zealand

Inspirited with some articles, where the eSerbians are blaming for PTO actions, I will feel free to write this article like some kind of answer and explanation.

First of all, I will speak only for myself and the people which I know. I don’t want

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