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Peruntukan Kerajaan

29 Day 1,982, 01:12 Malaysia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis




ada duit xde plan, membazir.
ada plan xde duit, borak

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24 Day 1,982, 00:17 Malaysia Battle orders Battle orders

okay now offically we wont have congress this month, but dont mean we wont RW Sarawak today ;) . i still want to kick Monte from Sarawak, if we win, they cannot NE us to since it can only be made but airstike.
all agree say I ?


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NaN Battle Order Day 1981

7 Day 1,981, 19:54 Malaysia Battle orders Battle orders more »

Cuba Tgk

11 Day 1,979, 23:50 Malaysia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

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eMalaysia April 2013 Term Country President Election

25 Day 1,965, 00:18 Malaysia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis


Its that time of the month again, Country President Election. Here are the official candidates:

To all eMalaysian, that vote me for this Country President election (http://www.erepublik.

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