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The Pantless Guide to Guerrilla War

23 Day 2,378, 20:30 Switzerland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

So eRepublik introduced Guerilla War a while back....

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How to set up channels and stuff for easier use of IRC with magic and stuff

3 Day 2,273, 12:30 Switzerland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

So IRC. An antiquated communication method not too far removed from the telegraph. Seriously, go dig your top hat out of your wardrobe and wax your mustache, and set the way-back machine to 1970, and get ready for some IRC. Tailcoat optional.

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So eSwitzerland is kinda doomed....

16 Day 2,270, 13:32 Switzerland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

So eSwitzerland is liberated with all four of its original regions (mainly due to the combined forces of Croatia, Austria, and Italy kicking Slovenia directly in the balls).

Yay! says everyone (except Slovenia).

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Everything You Kinda Didn't Need or Really Want to Know about Combat Orders

18 Day 2,245, 12:34 Switzerland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Writing this because some folks (*MG* *cough* *MG*) may be unaware of how awesome and fear-inspiring combat orders can be when used effectively.

Wiki page on Combat Orders

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[Pants] - For Those of You Unhappy With All the Complaining

7 Day 1,794, 18:41 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Unhappy with the complaining?

Unhappy with the negative attitudes?

Angry that all people seem to do is point out fault and no one ever offers any actual workable plans?

Well, then this article is for you!

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