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The Newfound Herald or TNH, is a political Newspaper bringing everything you need to know as soon as it happens.

Social Fund.

2 Day 2,070, 20:05 Canada Financial business Financial business

Hello again as you may have noticed I created a "charity" to those who need anything from resources to CAD go Here Everyone else feel free to donate anything to the charity. You can donate any spare money or

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China, Applications, CoT, and Old Enemies.

1 Day 2,070, 13:55 Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

China, willing to help?
So after talking to a few parties in eChina I found that they would aid us in liberating ourselves assuming they were not fighting MPP.

Applications for Welfare
I have received funding from [url=http://www. … read more »

Welfare Fund

1 Day 2,068, 17:21 Canada Financial business Financial business

Hey guys, I'm starting up a charity now its a Welfare charity so those who can give money, or resources, do so, and those who need money or resources send me a message as to why you need the money, how much, and also how you are going to contribute

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The System, Alliance, Parties, And Transparency.

3 Day 2,068, 16:37 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The System
Well our system is messed up, not enough people are involved and even now most of you wont comment or give feedback the fact of the matter is, we need your ideas, input, on well everything. It does not really matter what the ideas … read more »

Annexation, Slave/Puppet State, or Independence?

7 Day 2,067, 18:03 Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I have heard there are some talks about giving us what is ours for a price, let me ask you, If I took over your beloved house and didn't leave, would you A. Force me out B. agree to terms that force you to help me fight my battles, or C. Call your

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