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Acacia's CP Tenure Death Pool

11 Day 989, 15:33 Published in Canada Canada

So as some of you may have heard by known Jacobi has decided to concede defeat in the Presidential elections. I'm not here to comment on whether this is good or bad for the country (it's horrible btw) but to take the next step.

One thing we're

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Muglack: The best choice for eCanadian President.

7 Day 988, 14:22 Published in Canada Canada

As some of you may know I have managed to get myself on the ballot for the CP elections this month. It wasn't as hard I thought it would be, but due to my party only having four members (

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Why you shouldn't vote for them. A 3 Part series.

6 Day 982, 10:10 Published in Canada Canada

With the CP election looming I thought it was in the best interest of the country for me to reveal the many personal secrets I have uncovered through dark and dastardly ways about each of the candidates.

Since I have decided to post these in no

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Introducing my Cabinet!

6 Day 979, 11:19 Published in Canada Canada

James McNamara: "Will Penguin be in your cabinet?"

No. Penguin goes bad. I will keep it my fridge. Although I tend to only buy penguin the day I plan to cook it so this shouldn't be an issue either way.

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I'm running for CP. Of course I'm serious, how dare you!?!?

9 Day 974, 16:03 Published in Canada Canada

So I decided to run for CP under the banner of the Party I PTO'ed. After taking control I renamed it "Team Friendship" because irony suits my purposes.

I have no intention of winning.

I have no delusions about the number of votes I'

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