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The Latest Election And My Plans For VICTORY!

11 Day 1,140, 15:17 Published in Canada Canada

With the election looming and finding myself on the ballot for CP I can't help but reflect on the best course of action going in to this election.

Clearly I am not the best choice for full term Presidency. Anyone that knows or has interacted with

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Muglack's CP Platform for January 5th

4 Day 1,138, 14:12 Published in Canada Canada

I'm not Wes Lewis.

Thank you.

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7 Day 1,112, 23:43 Published in Canada Canada

After over a year of waiting and no doubt secretly hoping, your greatest wish of Quebec being part of France appears to be imminent.

So from me to you: Congratulations your dreams finally came true. And it won't even cost you 2 Q1 weapons this

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My involvement with Project Mayhem --- Long Read.

18 Day 1,033, 18:23 Published in Canada Canada

My fellow eCanadians,

I find myself thinking a great deal about what has transpired this past month and it leaves me feeling more than a little disheartened in eCanadian politics. What I saw as a glorious chance for this nation to work together

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The proposed ceasefire - My thoughts.

8 Day 1,005, 22:10 Published in Canada Canada

As I read the articles of the past few hours I see many referencing the proposed ceasefire to occur around the elections. At first glance this seems to be a good idea. It let's party presidents place their candidates without having to worry that the

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