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[WC] Life with the Bundy's.

5 Day 1,161, 16:01 Published in Canada Canada

I find myself sitting here reading the articles of the day and I can't help but think about one of the DAL writing contests topics in the first round. "A time of peace, a time of inner-conflict". This of course can be approached from many levels. I

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More Muglack for a Magnificently Manureless Manitoba -- Alliteration wins!

5 Day 1,160, 17:05 Published in Canada Canada

Those of you keeping track at home probably noticed that I'm no longer running in Alberta. Well congratulations, you were one of the 40 people that read my last article. Thanks to the 27 of you that read it but didn't vote. Dicks.

Anyways, I've

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Musical Chairs: Canadian CP edition

12 Day 1,156, 14:01 Published in Canada Canada

With another potential scandal on the books it seems that the eCanadian Presidential office is becoming more and more of a joke. Don't get me wrong if the latest round of missing money was a theft I don't blame Aeriala. I am as sure about him not

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[CSIS] The case against Wes Lewis

12 Day 1,154, 13:02 Published in Canada Canada

Now that I have your attention.

I'm running for congress in Alberta. Do the country a favor and vote for me in the Military Dictatorship Party.

My platform is simple. Accountability and Reduction in bullshit. People will be called to answer

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Questions For The CAF.

18 Day 1,149, 07:48 Published in Canada Canada

I just have 3 questions for the well intentioned CAF.

1) Does your HC control both the public IRC channels and the Forums yet refuse to banish Wes and Rolo from them?

2) Is it or is it not true that around the time of the last CP election the

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