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Questions For The CAF.

18 Day 1,149, 07:48 Published in Canada Canada

I just have 3 questions for the well intentioned CAF.

1) Does your HC control both the public IRC channels and the Forums yet refuse to banish Wes and Rolo from them?

2) Is it or is it not true that around the time of the last CP election the

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Hey Rolo!

9 Day 1,147, 13:00 Published in Canada Canada

Any chance you're gonna pull a fram and "find" 3k gold just when the country needs it the most?

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The Latest Election And My Plans For VICTORY!

11 Day 1,140, 15:17 Published in Canada Canada

With the election looming and finding myself on the ballot for CP I can't help but reflect on the best course of action going in to this election.

Clearly I am not the best choice for full term Presidency. Anyone that knows or has interacted with

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Muglack's CP Platform for January 5th

4 Day 1,138, 14:12 Published in Canada Canada

I'm not Wes Lewis.

Thank you.

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7 Day 1,112, 23:43 Published in Canada Canada

After over a year of waiting and no doubt secretly hoping, your greatest wish of Quebec being part of France appears to be imminent.

So from me to you: Congratulations your dreams finally came true. And it won't even cost you 2 Q1 weapons this

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