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The proposed ceasefire - My thoughts.

8 Day 1,005, 22:10 Published in Canada Canada

As I read the articles of the past few hours I see many referencing the proposed ceasefire to occur around the elections. At first glance this seems to be a good idea. It let's party presidents place their candidates without having to worry that the

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An open letter to the citizens of the eUK.

15 Day 1,004, 12:24 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hello friends,

I write to you today not as a Canadian citizen looking to gloat or hold our victories on the field of battle in front of you and laugh. I come to you today to ask you one question that you should all be asking yourselves.


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An open letter to my Party's President.

4 Day 1,000, 12:51 Published in Canada Canada

Dear Jbdivinus,

I write this letter today with a glowing heart. I have logged on today to see that the elections results from yesterday have been confirmed by the Admins are you are now the President of the DAL the party to which I am a member.

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Five days ago I was robbed.

15 Day 997, 14:24 Published in Canada Canada

Five days ago I logged onto eRepublik expecting fun to be had and noticed that all of my money had been taken.

My 120 gold and 200+ CAD that I had worked for over a year (I was born on day 500) to accumulate and never once spending RL cash had

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Acacia's CP Tenure Death Pool

11 Day 989, 15:33 Published in Canada Canada

So as some of you may have heard by known Jacobi has decided to concede defeat in the Presidential elections. I'm not here to comment on whether this is good or bad for the country (it's horrible btw) but to take the next step.

One thing we're

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