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Why you shouldn't vote for them. A 3 Part series.

6 Day 982, 10:10 Canada

With the CP election looming I thought it was in the best interest of the country for me to reveal the many personal secrets I have uncovered through dark and dastardly ways about each of the candidates.

Since I have decided to post these in no

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Introducing my Cabinet!

6 Day 979, 11:19 Canada

James McNamara: "Will Penguin be in your cabinet?"

No. Penguin goes bad. I will keep it my fridge. Although I tend to only buy penguin the day I plan to cook it so this shouldn't be an issue either way.

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I'm running for CP. Of course I'm serious, how dare you!?!?

9 Day 974, 16:03 Canada

So I decided to run for CP under the banner of the Party I PTO'ed. After taking control I renamed it "Team Friendship" because irony suits my purposes.

I have no intention of winning.

I have no delusions about the number of votes I'

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In a post-apocalyptic world, he'd deliver our mail.

3 Day 953, 10:22 Canada

Unless one of the following applies to you some of the information I'm going to share will not come as a surprise:

1) If you live in an ocean world and spend much of your free time running away from Smokers.
2) You play baseball with ghosts on

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Why I voted no to rent Manitoba.

9 Day 950, 01:15 Canada

It's really quite simple. Dade posted in Closed Door and came across as a total prick job. He insulted Congress, basically called us idiots and told us he could do whatever he wanted and didn't need Congress approval to do anything. Then he asked

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