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7 Day 1,111, 23:43 Published in Canada Canada

After over a year of waiting and no doubt secretly hoping, your greatest wish of Quebec being part of France appears to be imminent.

So from me to you: Congratulations your dreams finally came true. And it won't even cost you 2 Q1 weapons this

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My involvement with Project Mayhem --- Long Read.

18 Day 1,033, 18:23 Published in Canada Canada

My fellow eCanadians,

I find myself thinking a great deal about what has transpired this past month and it leaves me feeling more than a little disheartened in eCanadian politics. What I saw as a glorious chance for this nation to work together

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The proposed ceasefire - My thoughts.

8 Day 1,005, 22:10 Published in Canada Canada

As I read the articles of the past few hours I see many referencing the proposed ceasefire to occur around the elections. At first glance this seems to be a good idea. It let's party presidents place their candidates without having to worry that the

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An open letter to the citizens of the eUK.

15 Day 1,004, 12:24 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hello friends,

I write to you today not as a Canadian citizen looking to gloat or hold our victories on the field of battle in front of you and laugh. I come to you today to ask you one question that you should all be asking yourselves.


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An open letter to my Party's President.

4 Day 1,000, 12:51 Published in Canada Canada

Dear Jbdivinus,

I write this letter today with a glowing heart. I have logged on today to see that the elections results from yesterday have been confirmed by the Admins are you are now the President of the DAL the party to which I am a member.

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