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Battle orders - Beersheba southern disterict - day 1985

0 Day 1,985, 01:56 Israel Battle orders Battle orders

The eIsraeli resistance are trying liberate Beersheba Southern district for another time .

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Thoughts to the Renaissance

10 Day 1,981, 05:44 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The Serbians are conquering Israel for too much time , and every player wants to get rid of Serbia .
e-Serbia is a big , large country . Conquering more then 30 regions that don't belong to the country .
So , to get rid of Serbia :
The Israeli

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The battle on Nazareth

3 Day 1,978, 23:15 Israel Battle orders Battle orders

The Serbians are trying to conqure The northern district for another time .
Every eIsraeli player is requested to defence Nazareth before it falls under the occupition .

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