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look everyone I'm helping

2 Day 2,279, 13:34 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Suck it ajay

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Ponytime the party that's 20 percent cooler

1 Day 2,065, 19:01 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

sup eUS, today I bring you Ponytime. Risen from the ashes of a dead husk of a party, all bronies are welcome to join (and also non-bronies, we love and tolerate all who would side with America)

however we will congregate in #uswpchat because we

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'Murica, would you rather?

8 Day 2,060, 05:15 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

bronies or socialists? we are about to find out because I'm running for PP of the socialist freedom party. Though my chances are pretty slim I want to ask you the question, America, bronies or socialists?


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training contract calculations

2 Day 2,048, 10:30 USA Financial business Financial business

-50% contract training cost contract/ cost 25 gold


using the .19 booster for 30 days.

gold saved 2.85

gold saved after cost -22.15


using the .19 and .89 boosters for 30 days.

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Running in all the states next month for congress

4 Day 1,652, 20:28 USA Battle orders Battle orders

How many states? all of them.

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