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The Free Japan is a Nationalist Communist newspaper for the country of Japan.
The editors desire for independence in all countries in Asia and a united Asia.

This newspaper specializes in Asian politics and Asian happenings

The headquarters are in Shikoku Province, Japan.

Australian Revolution

0 Day 2,394, 22:07 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

We here at The Free Japan are deeply sorry for not having written many articles as of late. Time has been … read more »

The Sun is Rising! - Also No Friday Snapshot

1 Day 2,376, 20:32 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The sun is rising over Japan.

We finally have hope for a congress!

This is great news for all of Asia.
The Taiwanese are not very happy over this, though.
We will have to fight diligently in … read more »

Asia in Revolt

1 Day 2,372, 12:15 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Our Korean friends on the small island of Jeju are in revolt.
They need help fighting their oppressors.
Will you help?
Will you … read more »

Friday Shapshot

1 Day 2,370, 10:54 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

We apologize for the lateness of printing,
Yesterday the printers were jammed so we couldn't print till today.

Over the week the only changes of note was our defeat and Taiwan's conquering of all of … read more »

Party Presidential Bid [ULoJ]

7 Day 2,366, 16:14 Japan Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The Following is Natalia Poklonskaya's Bid as President of the United Lolis of Japan

I know some of you may not know me,
I know some of you may not care to know me,
I know that I cannot … read more »