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[TUNES] Saturday Chill Jams

27 Day 1,887, 11:12 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Since singing to you guys in shout takes wayyyyyy too long, and requires far too much effort on my lazy Saturday off, I've decided to share some tunes here that I am currently jamming to while I play.

TURN UP THE VOLUME and sing along : )

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[NEW] Craigslist of eRepublik

12 Day 1,882, 02:16 USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Reposting for Mike:

Have you ever paid the high prices that the Voters Club charges?

Do you wish there was some way to [ … read more »

Reality Check - **UPDATED** with Mike Ontry's New Message Blocker!!!!!

113 Day 1,868, 20:33 USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Hi there.

I'm going to avoid all the fluff because I know 97% of you can care less about having a link to a tune to set the mood, nor would you click it. I know that 50% of you are viewing this hoping you have find a good pic to fap to for 1.7

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9 Day 1,808, 07:27 USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

I voted Joseph Dinero if you care.

"How to vote:
 - Click on your choice

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[POLL] Like or Dislike? The Last Unity Candidate Process [BIA POLLING BOOTH]

23 Day 1,804, 01:41 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

This article will be an example of the polling system that Mike Ontry has tested for Unity Elections. This poll can be put into every citizen newspaper and everyone can vote at any poll, in any article, and it feeds to the central database.

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