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State of the Union (Military Unit)

15 Day 1,795, 07:21 USA Battle orders Battle orders


Greetings my fellow 'Cockers', I come to you today to give you … read more »

Captains for October/November 2012

11 Day 1,787, 15:46 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hello Cockers!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Feel free to PM me with any questions/comments/complaints.

Here is the list of endorsed Regiment Captains for the coming term, if you are one of these individuals and you received an

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The Problem with the GREED and INSECURITY

8 Day 1,718, 06:54 USA Financial business Financial business

Someone asked me to explain to them, just yesterday, why the job market is so terribly low. They asked me if we were in a "recession." If you take a … read more »

38 days!? It's only been 38 DAYS!!!

10 Day 1,696, 16:41 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

As hard as it may be for me to comprehend, I only started this adventure 38 days ago. The wealth of information I've collected along the way is staggering! Everything from what to build, whom to trust, to how to decide on a game strategy.

If you

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So long and Thanks for all the tacos! (Fish Tacos that is)

11 Day 1,690, 08:56 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

By now I'm sure a lot of you know that we're in the process of taking over Mexico, they are (and have been for a little while now) our Natural Enemy. For some, this may come as a surprise. Others, well...we knew it was just the natural progression

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