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"It is to the Radicals that The Economist still likes to think of itself as belonging. The extreme centre is the paper's historical position."

The Economist is a political newspaper, with a dash of finance, a splash of philosophy and a big dollop of good old fashioned editorial diatribe.

The Economist ~ Society and the State

32 Day 943, 06:01 United Kingdom

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Dear friends,

A couple of days ago I published an [url=
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The Economist ~ Rebuilding what we’ve lost

26 Day 941, 15:04 United Kingdom

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Dear friends,

The eUK is famous for a lot of things. It’s famous for its financial wisdom, it’s military organisation, … read more »

The Economist 15 June ~ Something for all the family

25 Day 938, 10:48 United Kingdom

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Leaders ~ Editorial

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Economist. This week we will be covering a selection of … read more »

[TUP] Vote Pensive to Stop the PTO!

35 Day 936, 13:13 United Kingdom

Dear Friends,

In the last few days we have seen the House of Commons and public discussion burning with argument. For the first time since the US invasion in January those forums have seen some real life. Whether you’re pro or anti- … read more »

Well done Woldy!

23 Day 927, 16:38 United Kingdom

He's pretty much won now

<img src="">

Welcome to another month of Woldy :Dread more »