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Economic statistics of the world

9 Day 1,349, 06:41 Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

There has been a lot of talk lately about prices within Canada and complaints about our taxes increasing prices and all manner of things related to such. As such, I just spent the past four hours putting together the information below.


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Congressional activity a must

27 Day 1,311, 03:32 Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

So it’s been a little while since I have posted anything here in the eCanada media for various reasons, first off general busy life stuff like getting married and all that jazz, and two because the media in this game seems to be dying. Some of you

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Fun with Spreadsheets for the New Companies

4 Day 1,269, 08:00 Canada Financial business Financial business

With the release of the whole new company system and such, and the fact that I happened to actually be off today so found the time, I whipped up a spreadsheet with some examples of what all the new company stuff should do. These numbers are based

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To keep a promise but probably bore you

7 Day 1,236, 03:01 Canada

First off I would like to thank the people of Ontario and the rest of Canada for seeing fit to elect me once more to Congress on the 25th. In my election announcement I promised that I would return to writing this synopsis of what has been going on

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etemenanki for Congress in Ontario

9 Day 1,220, 21:10 Canada

I will once more be running to be a member of congress for the great province of Ontario under the EPIC banner. It has been quite the interesting ride these many many months since I was first elected to congress about a year ago. I remember

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