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35 Day 2,505, 03:15 Published in Israel Israel Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

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[Debate] Future of eIsrael! Whats next?

38 Day 2,473, 06:00 Published in Israel Israel Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hello my friends

Last month a peace deal was finally made between eCyprus and eIsrael so finally eIsrael has all its core regions back.

So whats next?

What do you (citizen of eIsrael) wish for the next few months?


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[MEK] Mobile Elite Kosher ????

30 Day 2,388, 02:09 Published in Israel Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

MEK has arrived in Israel !!

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Guerra a caminho. Às armas!

142 Day 2,369, 02:49 Published in Portugal Portugal Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Olá a todos!

Dentro de dias o Chile vai nos atacar.

O objectivo deles é ir pelo Canada, conquistar Newfoundland e depois dar NE a Portugal, conquistar os Açores e depois as

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No comment.

78 Day 2,351, 06:55 Published in Portugal Portugal Financial business Financial business

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