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The Buzz bringing news around, Politics, Military, Marketplace, etc.

The Buzz Stop! (Same as the Marketplace Buzz Stops)

1 Day 1,499, 15:00 United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

I have opened up four different work stores!
The North, West, East, and South Buzz Stop.
I only opened up two offers for each store, 170.00 GBP is the salary.
If there weren't such high payed jobs out, I would of lowered it, but I need the

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The Question Game! Week One.

5 Day 1,260, 13:45 United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Because I feel to donate out money, I thought about a question game!!!

Pretty much I post out a question every once a week.
One day to answer the question, the next day of the results.
Then the next question comes next week.
As questions get

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Vote For Connor Sarll :D

2 Day 1,249, 16:11 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Vote for Connor Sarll for congress,in south west of england!
Why should you vote for me? Because I have many animal supporters!


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Suport our Troops!

2 Day 1,235, 09:21 United Kingdom

So pretty much, the war is going bad for our Terra Allies.

Brazil having trouble with Spain on the Front lines, as well as the U.S. having a heated contest

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International News

1 Day 1,223, 16:29 United Kingdom

The International news, bringing you news from around the eWorld.

In France they bring news of war reports on day 1222 and day 1223.

Day 1222:
- Kerman Province was conquered by Iran in the war against Bulgaria (8-2).
- Poland Pomerania

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