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68 Day 1,155, 09:34 Published in Greece Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

In a few days the holiday missions will be removed and new missions will be introduced. I have used my contacts to get the inside information about the newest mission that will be added as well as A NEW read more »


32 Day 1,153, 03:14 Published in Greece Greece

Kalispera sympatriotes,

Fantazomai twra erxontai I meres pou tha kleisi o polemos me tin Tourkia. Molis kleisi tha anoiksoun meriki syzitisi gia polemo me tin FYROM.

Se auto ego leo OXI.

Emeis paizoume ena paixnidi kai ayti poy

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eTurkey, I have a message from Bulgaria for you, it's "tick tock tick tock".

193 Day 1,143, 07:27 Published in Greece Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

Just incase you haven't got the message from eBulgaria yet, it's "tick tock, tick tock".

tick tock eTurkey, tick tock.

[ … read more »

eIran, they will attack you.

51 Day 1,142, 11:42 Published in Greece Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

eTurkey has showed it's true face - they will look for resources to the east.

Yes the law will not pass, but it show's eTurkey's intentions. You … read more »

Eyxaristo Ellada apo Kypraio

36 Day 1,139, 11:45 Published in Greece Greece

Έγραψα ένα κανονικό άρθρο αλλά είπα σε αυτήν την στιγμή να μην το βγάλω δημoσίως. Πάντως, ελπίζω να έρθει μια μέρα που θα μπορέσω να πω δημοσίως αυτά που θέλω.

Αλλά από αυτό το άρθρο, τρία αποσπάσματα πρέπει να τα πω.

Απόσπασμα #1) Επίσης, ευχα

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