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The Collapse of the eGreek Economy and the Fall of Iron

17 Day 946, 08:39 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

The following is my take on the future of the eGreek economy and how the iron industry will collapse.

Currently, all the raw required for weapons is supplied by IRON.

[img][/img] … read more »

A letter to eBulgaria, eItaly and eTurkey

73 Day 943, 05:18 Greece

Goodevening eBulgaria, eItaly & eTurkey,

Are you tired of being poor countries?
Are you tired of being weak countries?
Are you tired of being the laughingstock of eRepublik?

There is a very simple way you can … read more »

My First Battle Hero Medal!

21 Day 939, 12:28 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

Yesterday I got my first Super Soldier medal, and today with my impressive 5.04 strength, and the huuuuuuge amount of gold I won with the treasure map (4.20), I decide to tank.

Today eHungary was swapping … read more »

I joined the BETA today and how to get GOLD into your MAIN EREPUBLIK ACCOUNT!

41 Day 937, 10:39 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

Today I joined the BETA and was happy to see a huge amount of gold in my account!... I tried to spend it all but I couldn't.

Anyways, forget the Beta. Messing around today, I found a way to transfer 140GOLD into … read more »

Secret eGreek Military Plans REVEALED!!!

82 Day 935, 17:16 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

I give you here the eGreek secret military plans for the upcoming days. Please keep wellness at 100 and guns in your inventory to be prepared for battle.

Please remember to keep these plans confidential.

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