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Interview with jaywalker71

17 Day 1,235, 03:58 Estonia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Today I made short intervew with Finnish hero, jaywalker71.

Q: How much are you planning to tank … read more »

Tee õige valik! Vali Krist0!

26 Day 1,230, 07:19 Estonia

Tulevatel valimistel on võimalus valida vaid kahe kandidaadi vahel, kelleks on Krist0 ja Mister Margooni. Mõ … read more »

Hail DEF!

13 Day 1,228, 04:18 Estonia

As alliance name ABC is … read more »

Guide for USA to prevent INCI PTO

15 Day 1,226, 13:28 Estonia

It is really simple. All you need to do is invite 1 person.
[img][/img] … read more »

New era in eRepublik

13 Day 1,225, 05:22 Estonia

Once again I decided to write in English, no idea why...

Now there is no more need to use your mouce to … read more »