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TC Newspaper: Olympics Update!

9 Day 945, 17:35 Published in USA USA

June, Week 3

TC Platoon Olympics Update – Judgment of June

6/19 Bia Pandora Well Wishers Event

1st Place -- 312th Ninjas
2nd Place --

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HAWTT BAHBEZ! Oh. Yeah, Btw the USTC is recruiting too...

32 Day 929, 19:39 Published in USA USA

HAWTT BAHBEZ!@!*&^#*&@^

United States Training Corps Sponsored Recruitment Drive

In response to our last article… here is the much requested babe recruitment drive!

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Celebrity Muscle of the eUSA Training Corps – Join Now!

39 Day 925, 14:27 Published in USA USA

eUSA Training Corps Man Muscle

Ryan Reynolds
“If it wasn’t for the eUSA Training Corps… I wouldn’t have this hard body and my great acting skills. Women love me and Keanu read more »

Adamant Resolve

3 Day 923, 01:10 Published in USA USA

June, Week 1

Liaoning: A Trial by Fire

Surely you all recall the intensity in the air, the electricity so vibrant as we prepared for this fight of epic proportions. Our discipline was staunch, our resolve ironclad as

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19 Day 915, 19:28 Published in USA USA

May, Week 4

America Rattled, but Never Swayed

Fellow service members, surely you must be aware by now of the increased pressures the war has placed upon us. Many would say that with the augmented assaults … read more »