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With koliva from others you do not host a burial [N4zGuL]

103 Day 2,689, 07:58 Published in Greece Greece Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hi ,

This is dedicated to all "democrat" patriot no life far right haters friends of Stefen.


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THE ANSWER [ Contest by N4zGuL]

61 Day 2,681, 10:48 Published in Greece Greece First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Hello endorsers readers and lovely people.

Yesterday i have called out for a mass campaign to shout and comment ARISTOMAXOS+1 on this article[/

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Defenders of eGreek Democracy United [N4zGuL]

83 Day 2,679, 09:48 Published in Greece Greece Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hey people.

It is been a while since we the extremists seized power in eGreece and it is already pretty clear that a formidable pantheon of true fighters of democratic values and freedom is born within the community.

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Keep calm and have a smoke [N4zGuL]

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