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Save Antrikos

40 Day 2,772, 05:57 Published in Greece Greece Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Say What what?

In the ttub!!!

He enjoys it after all !!!

GotFa he is!!!!

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GaMa Introduces New Battalion

84 Day 2,761, 08:57 Published in Greece Greece Battle orders Battle orders

Greetings Firestarters!

Recently we have sent our beloved Srnica back home to inferno to meditate relax and hook up with all her hmmm... close friends

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When words are all that matters [FYLOLIAN Ministry of Smoke Signals and Pigeons]

96 Day 2,735, 07:46 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello dearest of their allies and friends!

It gives me great pleasure to speak to you through this newspaper on this day, another ordinary day for FYLOL and her allies!

Well like everyone knows since the very first day of their in game

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GaMa Anthem !!!

47 Day 2,726, 11:10 Published in Greece Greece Battle orders Battle orders

With the recently published article by Vasspana we have all witnessed several of our esteemed fire flowers blossoming right at the same time.

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With koliva from others you do not host a burial [N4zGuL]

103 Day 2,689, 07:58 Published in Greece Greece Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hi ,

This is dedicated to all "democrat" patriot no life far right haters friends of Stefen.


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