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Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Turkey and Nortern Myconos Agreement [GR MoPEFA]

41 2 days ago Greece Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I must confess i am a bit confused with the latest greek cabine

Who is the president fellas?



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96 Day 2,422, 11:02 Greece First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Well that is not going to be an introduction as usual for articles of such kind.

It is about a players achievements and so on and on and on.
But i will start this one saying that up untill we … read more »

GaMa You Are!!!

139 Day 2,407, 11:36 Greece Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Well... you are all aware of the damage frenzy that sparked all around the e-world due to the forthcoming competition.

We in GaMa were always around to cause pain to our foes and help our friends.
It is true that for the past few months … read more »

Xaiftylla - Disgrace

73 Day 2,366, 08:52 Greece Battle orders Battle orders

Following that article written by a fellow open minded leftist greek i want to openly declare as traitors those Greeks back

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Important Announcement -- [Asteria HQ]

110 Day 2,344, 09:04 Greece Battle orders Battle orders

This is an urgent announcement for all our brave Asterian warriors!!

Everybody fight for Slovenia !!!

Fight for brotherhood !
Fight for CO!

Fight now Reeeee!!

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