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Announcement on Erep Anniversary [GaMa]

69 Day 2,922, 09:51 Published in Greece Greece Financial business Financial business

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Happy Birthday N4zGuL

121 Day 2,913, 13:37 Published in Greece Greece Battle orders Battle orders

Infantry Kit ON!

Happy birthday to my self i am finally born a proper GaMa!

He He He He...

GaMa We Are!!!
Burn them all!

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[Asteria HQ] About BG FYLOL SRB upcoming MPP

91 Day 2,902, 05:21 Published in Greece Greece Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear Asterians,

We in the HQ of our mighty alliance felt that the time was right to issue a statement regarding the widespread "rumor" that Serbia will eventually sign an MPP with BG and FYLOL to defend against the evil Alliance of the rest 9% of

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GaMa Halloween:Trick or Treat

64 Day 2,901, 11:28 Published in Greece Greece Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

GaMa Infernal!

We are all your Halloween nightmares!

Comment to get jacknothing but our flamming love

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47 Day 2,880, 08:26 Published in Greece Greece Warfare analysis Warfare analysis



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