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Embracing Dio

94 Day 890, 12:01 Published in USA USA

There was a time when I didn’t know at one moment how I would make it to the next. Yes, one can make war in this world, imitate love, torture one’s fellow man, posture in the papers, or merely speak … read more »

The Art of Wellness Self-Maintenance and 24-Clicking

31 Day 884, 22:42 Published in Canada Canada

This is the first time that my guide to wellness self-maintenance for new players is being published in my newspaper (original here) and a second time for

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ο παίκτης των είκοσι-τεσσάρων-κλικ

28 Day 884, 22:32 Published in Greece Greece

This is a translation into Greek, undertaken by astereos, of my article Graduate

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Raise the Voting Age (Open Letter)

104 Day 881, 23:18 Published in Greece Greece

Help by signing this open letter on the forum:
Click Here and Sign - Raise read more »

Business Guide v1

63 Day 878, 01:51 Published in Greece Greece

Okay, so it isn't pretty, but it might make you pretty rich.

1. Starting capital
1a - Self-funded
1b - Partners
1c - Cooperatives
1d - How much do I need?

2. Research
2a - Country
2b - Demand
2c - … read more »