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Whats up Austria

4 Day 1,802, 13:31 Austria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

This time it makes me sick to write english blablabla, this Artikle belongs to no one else then the Austrian...

Was ist bloß los mit euch Leute, wie kann es sein, dass bei Österreich eigenen Kämpfen mindestens 80% Mannen unserer Verbündeten sind!

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2 Day 1,793, 08:27 Austria Battle orders Battle orders

My beloved eAustrian Brothers and Sisters, get up and help getting back our Vorarlberg!

Too long it has been under others reign!!!

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National Alert!!!

3 Day 1,792, 10:41 Austria Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

USA has proposed Austria as Natural Enemy and the proposal will pass in less then 24 hours!!!

So, eAustrians whats you gonna do, when eAmerica is running wild over you????

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Election Special

2 Day 1,792, 00:03 Austria Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Yesterdays elections are over, and we want to congratulate the expected winners!!!

Election Results:

Österreich Independence Party: Rangeley

Austrian Sozialist Movement: wschwabe

Partei für Österreich: nitch08

Party of the Horny

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The Time Is Now

2 Day 1,790, 01:57 Austria Battle orders Battle orders

Know your Role, and stand your Ground! We must stand together or there will be no chance to win back our Vorarlberg!

So, where will you be??? No time to waste, I have to fight, now with my brothers and sisters of eAustria....

See Ya in Hell

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