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Day 1871 + something in Croatian....

27 Day 1,871, 07:21 Croatia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I haven't written these days too much, because of the New Year celebration ( we all know what we do at that celebration :D ), but I need to continue my work. This article will be published in English at first, latter I will add Croatian translations.

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Hibernacija je gotova

50 Day 1,870, 14:20 Croatia Battle orders Battle orders

Na žalost mnogih ovo nije članak vojne analize, ali bez brige to će sutra :D

Već dugo vremena moja MU je spavala. Nema poznatijeg MU-a koji mi nije nudio članstvo, ali ja sam nekako vjerovao da će se SFFA trgnuti iz sna. Negdje u studenom našao

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Day 1867/ dan 1867

36 Day 1,867, 06:08 Croatia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

As I have promised yesterday, here is the new article. There is a lot of interesting things going on so let me start with:

1.CoT offensive against Greece and Turkey

I must say that Al Madinah was

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Day 1865

17 Day 1,865, 05:01 Croatia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Yesterday evening I have found a plenty of battles going on…

1.Resistance wars against Spain

Hardest fightings were on Philippines. Philippines don't have

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Day 1864

51 Day 1,864, 05:22 Croatia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello guys!

This is my first article on English. As you can see on my previous articles i am croatian military analyzer. Every few days I publish articles about military campaigns important for Croatia and EDEN.
I can not achieve MM medal for

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