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Presentation for Congres Candidate

7 Day 2,376, 12:32 France Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment


Il manque à ma collection de trophées la médaille de membre du congrès.
J'aimerai la recevoir. J'ai donné cinq gold à l'eFrance,
un autre suivra en cas de victoire.

Je chie sur les privilèges, je le fais pour le fun.


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WTF France???

7 Day 1,460, 10:55 France Battle orders Battle orders

Each day I fight for France, mostly in territories under Serbia occupation.

Today I was extremelly surprised having in battle field mine employee as an enemy.


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Bonnes maisons à vendre, Good houses for sale

0 Day 1,198, 02:46 France


J'ai 3 maisons à vendre.



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Why you have to love "greek style" ?

21 Day 1,156, 04:57 France

> I will do this change because about 61% from the citizen are leaving
> the marketplace after they use that customization bar.

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Keep your country tide! Jewish communists pTO'ed Poland.

5 Day 1,047, 14:47 Poland

Today I read an article with very succesfull meaning and proud that World 's Ultra Nacionalists [Zaionists] find new idiots to feed them and protect.

Dziś przeczytałem artykuł o tym jak najwięksi na świeci faszyści i najbardziej agresywni

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