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Shinsengumi REBIRTH

15 Day 2,427, 20:14 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

From the Office of the Shinsengumi Clan Lord

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SSG Weapon Distro REOPENS

11 Day 2,377, 07:22 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

From the Office of the SSG 2nd Commander
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Why Live In eJapan?

8 Day 2,350, 06:14 Japan Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

RL has me swamped and I don't have much time to spend online, our media is very slow right now, so this is a reprint of an old article I wrote...


Not very often do I actually get theoretical or digress into a lengthy

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re-release of "Made In Japan Vol 1"

5 Day 2,339, 16:29 Japan Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Not much is happening in eJapan media these days... so I dusted off an old article of mine, and thought I re-release it...
Not all of the links work, but some still do...

For those that do not care for manga or anime, here is some real flesh to

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America Invades Japan !!!!

15 Day 2,250, 22:23 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Yes, Americans have been sighted on Japan soil,
eating everything in sight...
consuming their gluttonous hunger for...
MORE !!!!


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