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The oldest newspaper in the DPRK! It is mainly concentrated on political issues, social themes and the history of North Korea.

Current situation

4 Day 879, 09:34 North Korea

Since the last major battle of Western Australia, we've seen some battles of medium or minor importance. South Africa has declared war on our brothers and sisters in Brazil, and they intend to continue attacking us with the help of EDEN and the US (+

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Useful sites for eRepublik.Don`t be scared from the long text

2 Day 877, 07:29 North Korea

Today I am not going to talk to you about economy, but more about how to be successful in eRepublik. The game itself offers a whole panel over very useful tools that help you day in and day out to improve your life and make it easier. Older people

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The new President

13 Day 876, 07:52 North Korea

Well ,there have been 10 days since the new President was elected.For these 10 days he hasn`t done anything at all-no MPPs,no TWs( the current TW with Russia was arranged by the old President NetNazgul).Why was that big support and defence of

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The tragic news on Saturday

2 Day 874, 05:55 North Korea

Citizens of Poland,

Despite our past and future difficulties in this game, Real Life =/= eRepublik.

I saw this in the news today:

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=

Reports: Crash kills scores, Poland’s president

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Presidential elections

8 Day 866, 13:13 North Korea

Tomorrow are the Presidential elections.There are 2 candidates for the post:Kasedy(Korean Labour Party) and Dubster(NKWP).
-Kasedy has already been a President twice and for that time he hasn`t done anything at all,he is just a stubborn Russian

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