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Kujdes nga A E N E A S - Kandidati kukull

32 Day 1,955, 01:48 Albania Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

A E N E A S ka qene presidenti me i dobet dhe me inekzistent ne historine e eShqiperise.

Presidenti qe neper artikuj bente vetem keto postime:

Hail Shqiperia

Presidenti qe nuk kishte aftesi te shkruante 2 rreshta kur i

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Large Scale Spam and PTO

9 Day 1,805, 12:39 USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Some days ago I joined US and my first welcome message was this one:

Ronald Gipper Reagan to sulmuesi | 3 days ago
I wanted to welcome you to the USA but also to caution you. Those who brought you here have done so
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5 Day 1,742, 17:00 Albania Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Day 1720 div3, fighters 27, damage 11.4 milion, Day 1740, div3, fighters 42, damage 23.3 milion

Day 1720 div2, fighters 150, damage 15.2 milion, Day 1740, div2, fighters 163, damage 27.2

Day 1720 div1 fighters 163, damage 3.1 milion, Day 1740,

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Albanian Language more than 5000 yrs old/Gjuha Shqipe 5 mije vjet

17 Day 1,740, 13:19 Albania Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Link of New York Times
English/Shqip me poshte

The most well-known newspaper in the world, The New York Times publishes the results of the … read more »

Statistikat e luftes se dates 22 Gusht 2012

26 Day 1,737, 14:43 Albania Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Shqiptare te forte. Ketu keni statistikat e gares. Mos u merzisni nga humbja, sepse na ben me te forte. Me poshte keni 5 luftetaret kryesore ne tre divizionet, 2, 3, 4 dhe me damage perkates. Keto statistika na duhen ne vazhdim. Kjo eshte read more »