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[Praetors] United We Stand

9 Day 2,189, 11:14 Published in Canada Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

What are The Praetors?

The Praetors are an eCanadian MU headed by myself, Auk Rest, we are a small to medium sized MU with a ever growing player base and looking to recruit more members to the … read more »

Roleplay in Congress - Banning the Beorn, Saving the Leo Inside

51 Day 2,177, 13:50 Published in Canada Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Today, a vote in the eCanadian Congress banned Dr Manhattan/Maximus/Sabzii/Beorn forever from Congress by placing him on the Congressional Black List. Should he return to Congress, all other members of the party with which he is elected, are also

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30 Day 2,175, 15:57 Published in Canada Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Breaking news! That insidious IBleedBlue character is behind this whole election pulling the strings! Proof:

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[Praetors] We're Moving Up!

7 Day 2,172, 18:03 Published in Canada Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Yesterday on Day 2171, all of us together in The Praetors military unit succeeded in vanquishing 757 enemies in combat. We put our tanks to work and when the dust had settled, we had killed enough … read more »

[Praetors] The Legion is Recruiting

9 Day 2,170, 17:08 Published in Canada Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello Canada, The Praetors military unit is recruiting, and we want you to join us! The Praetors is a … read more »