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Solidarity in eCzech Republic

17 Day 1,005, 11:06 Czech Republic

I am pleased to announce that we are on track.
We have made peace with Re_Niew and I am happy to announce it.
He accepted to work with us and this just means more good news!
The tasks will treat them personally and I will publish in the

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New Czech Bank (2)

9 Day 1,005, 09:53 Czech Republic

Hello to all Czech citizens. I am pleased to announce the opening of a new bank in our country. This bank will not be a state bank, but work for the country. It will be a secondary bank. As you know, state enterprises and banks in this country are

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El Vals Del Obrero

13 Day 1,003, 22:39 Czech Republic

Letra de El Vals Del Obrero - SKA-P

Orgulloso de estar entre el proletariado
es difícil llegar a fin de mes
y tener que sudar y sudar
para ganar nuestro pan.
Éste es mi sitio, ésta es mi gente
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Confidential information denied

37 Day 1,002, 08:29 Czech Republic

Since the previous government refused to give us the password for CNB (Ceska Narodni Banka), I've decided to show this to the citizens of the Czech Republic. We have worked to create some partnerships and have some wars, but this has been delayed

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12 Day 991, 18:04 Czech Republic

Hello citizens of the Czech Republic. I want to thank you all for your support in this election. I want to thank those parties that supported it. All citizens of this country made this possible, then, is my commitment to do my best to this country

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