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Raw Material Profitability

4 2 days ago South Africa Financial business Financial business

You may have noticed the shift in prices of raw materials in the last week with the knock-on effects in goods prices. I have put together a summary of the profitability of each … read more »

eSAAF Notices

14 2 days ago South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

Commune Supplies
Notice all eSAAF Commune workers that we are adjusting the cash supply from 70 ZAR to 56 ZAR. This will come into affect … read more »

Battle Orders 2452 updated 02:00

11 Day 2,451, 06:37 South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

South Africa is in desperate need of Rubber and Oil, but because of our love for regular Argentinian beef and Greek feta we cannot go into Africa.

The Indonesian government had sent their … read more »

[Edjukayshun] Killing you cheaply

13 Day 2,450, 03:46 South Africa First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

eRepublik is a little thin in the underpants if you play core goals only. It is also very demoralising. You see, Damage is king. And for you to be king you need to spend a lot … read more »

Battle Orders Day 2445 updated 01:00

11 Day 2,444, 01:27 South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

[img]http://cdn.egov4you.[/img]read more »