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Impossible, pfft bitch please, Impossible = I'm Possible

D2 and D3 Wake Up Bros

5 Day 1,929, 18:53 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Today we, Australians, are having hard times, we are making pacts with NZ, people not listening to a damn word and still fighting where the hell they wanna fight. But that isn' … read more »

Help a brother out!

3 Day 1,917, 11:39 USA Battle orders Battle orders

As known to society, Australia is under the occupation of 3 different countries. These countries are Chile, Indonesia, and New Zealand. So help a brother out:
[url=http:// … read more »

[AMP] Welcome the Writer's Guild's First Article!

14 Day 1,898, 14:43 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Writer’s Guild I back in business, These are out Commander and Cheifs! Please support the Writer's Guild With a Vote and Subscribe!

Director: Chase Mason Mikeals

Deputy: [img]http://[/img]

read more »

[Ajay, and AFA] Really, PTO?

43 Day 1,853, 16:02 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

All people of the eUS! AFA and Ajay have been 1: unreasonable; and 2: dumb as a box of rocks. There has been a lost of things going around (both I … read more »

Rogue Squadron~ Why ✯✯✯ GO ROGUE ✯✯✯?

25 Day 1,838, 17:19 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello all Rogues and upcoming rogues, but if you ain't interested get out of my country. As you all know I am Junior Wings amazing XO, [url=http:// … read more »