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Sorry for the absence

20 Day 968, 14:07 Austria

Hey guys, sorry for the long absence.

I'll try to make it quick.

I was absent because I had my exams and didn't come online for anything during that time except for revision.

After exams, I was partying with my friends and didn't come

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To All New Players and Dying Citizens

7 Day 910, 08:26 Austria

If you are a new player or a dying citizen of eAustria (wellness below 40), please send me a message, and a fellow worker or I will send you food aid.

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Austrian Food Aid Workers

9 Day 908, 05:57 Austria

The value of the ATS unstable, and our monetary market is very low. We have high levels of inflation and many products are becoming too expensive for our lower-level players. One of these products is Food, the basis of eLife.


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A Message from Richie to the Croatian TO

5 Day 908, 01:31 Austria

A Message from Richie to the Croatian TO...

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24 Day 902, 09:46 United Kingdom

So I've been sent a message by admin that I can't do this newspaper anymore because its 'spam' and not related to eRepublik.

Sorry :(

Edit: But I will speak up every now and then to talk about ingame stuff, and try to post pictures related

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