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[USWP] Quick Congressional Message

3 8 hours ago Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Congress, one of the most important group of individuals here on the surface of the eWorld. Congress, the group that is responsible for running the eUSA along side our most prestigious President. … read more »

So now you know the basics..

6 Day 1,785, 17:57 Published in USA USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Hello, and welcome to my article for all you new eBabies playing erepublik.
Now I know what you are saying, "what do?" and that is the expected reaction of most players when they first start the game.

Well I am going to try to help you with

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Dear eUSA Government

3 Day 1,774, 20:48 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear eUSA Government,

Can we attack Macedonians soon? I have a mission to kill 30 natural enemies.


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American Needs you [Calling all Citizens 25 and Up]

5 Day 1,728, 14:14 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Greetings eUSA! I will get right down to business.

The newest update of Airstrikes presents an interesting test of patriotism! In order to perform an airstrike citizens of the new world need to donate to their countries government in order to

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2 Day 1,725, 21:40 Published in USA USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello, Malpazar here! This is my newspaper that I will use for Analysis.

This will have a few parts to it,
- Economic Analysis
- Military Analysis
- War Discussion
- Politics

This is a new paper and I look forward to bringing you quality

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