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Haters gonna hate

Time to leave? Not wanted anymore?

40 Day 3,122, 04:59 Published in Cyprus Cyprus Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I can only say I felt bad for our favorite hobo pipo lolo after that embarrassing defeat.

The only clear thing is that people don't want you.

Time to man up Pipo, be a man for once in your life and leave Cyprus


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Sooooo what's going on?

7 Day 3,107, 15:47 Published in Cyprus Cyprus Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

We have a tournament and I haven't seen anyone from the government respond to questions or take any action for a bit more than a week? Is there something the matter or what?

I thought half of Cyprus was thrilled to get Tsoglans out of the

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XAM XAM , traitor Grik boot-licker and proof

18 Day 3,078, 07:34 Published in Cyprus Cyprus Battle orders Battle orders

Hi, I won't say much, we have proof Xam xam has been using all of you you to lick Ektnosiakos boots (the guy who had us occupied 2 years ago and we had to spill blood to get free), to get us in Pacifica WITH HUNGARY AND GRIS


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8 Day 3,045, 11:46 Published in Greece Greece Battle orders Battle orders



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Ένας Μυρμιδόνας βγαίνει ραντεβού με την Γιολάντα.

45 Day 2,914, 15:08 Published in Greece Greece Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Ήταν πρωί κι ένας Μυρμιδόνας ήταν πιο χαρούμενος από κάθε άλλη φορά. Όχι δεν είχε βρει όπλα σε καλή τιμή, δεν είχε φάει την paysafe από κάποιο φτωχό κακομοίρη, δεν είχε κλέψει gold. Επιτέλους η Γιολάντα η κομμώτρια της γειτονιάς με το κίτρινο μαλλί κ

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